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Welcome To Our Unique Piped Gas
Unique Piped Gas specialises in various things
Gas Refllllng
You will never need to worry about running out of gas for your home I business. You can count on our assurance that your gas supply will be reliable and efficient, while being further supported by our commitment to customer service.

Natraj Gas, our sister company is authorized BPCL gas distributor. We can assure you uninterrupted LPG gas supply for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Natraj Gas not only supplies gas to projects done by Unique Central Piped Gases Pvt. Ltd, but also to projects done by other companies or existing LPG Piped Gas Installations and Bulk supplies. Also, we are in stage of implementing an online ordering system for gas refilling requirements along with online payment system that will enable us to process the requests much faster over traditional ordering methods.

For more information, you may contact us or visit our office.

Safety and Emergencies
Safety measures are implemented from the planning stage and we adhere to it strictly which is checked by the BPCL. Your safety is important for us. You can help us protect you from gas-related incidents by checking for hazardous conditions in your home or business premises on a regular basis. Though gas leaks are very rare, we are committed to ensure that everyone, including your family and staff should know what they must do in the event of an emergency..!

You have to read more safety about your home or business in following links:
Safety for Your Home
Ensure your gas appliances in the kitchen are safe and free from gas-related incidents.
Safety for Your Business
How to deal with emergencies at your business premises.
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