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Welcome To Our Unique Piped Gas
Safety Home
We bring you safety tips and advice to keep you and your family safe in your home.

Safety In Kitchen
Whether it's cooking for a party, or just making a cup of coffee for your loved ones, ensure that your kitchen is safe for you and your family.
- Install gas appliances in well-ventilated area.
- Ventilation assures your appliances will work well, promoting an excellent flame for your fumace.
- Ensure enough distance between walls and appliances.
- follow manufacturer's instructions.
- Do not place inflammable items near gas appliances.
- Do not leave the gas appliances unattended.
- Leave the oven door ajar when using the oven rill.
- Furnaces need to be cleaned and verified regularly.
- Avoid accumulation of dust and oil inside oven hoods and around appliances by wiping and cleaning   regularly.
- Close gas valves and appliance valves when gas is not in use.
- Close up unused gas valves with caps and plugs.
- Do not use other gas on burners designed or converted for LPG gas.
For heat generating appliance to function efficiently, it must have sufficient air and the correct air to gas ratio for complete combustion.
Care for using Your Gas Appliances
Your gas appliances require utmost care for safety and reliability. We advise you to follow the instructions in the operating manual provided by your appliance supplier.
In the event that you smell any disagreeable odour, witness overflow of flame or find an appliance unusually hot to touch while in use, stop using it immediately and call the appliance supplier
Care for Your Gas Stove
You burner requires utmost care. You must clean the bumer regularly to avoid incomplete combustion caused by clogging. Remove the burner top and use toothbrush to brush away clogs and stains. Clean thoroughly the grooves cut on its underside
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