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Safety Business
Learn more on how to deal with gas emergency around your business premises.

Gas Leak Inside Your Business Premise
What you should do, in case of gas leak inside a building
- IMMEDIATELY evacuate and ventilate the building starting where the gas smell is strongest.
- DO NOT operate electrical switches
- SHUT OFF open flame devices by turning manual control valves.
- Check the surrounding area, if gas leak cannot be traced within the building.
Please be Informed that:
Safety officer may determine it is necessary to shut off gas to a building at the main outlet valve.
The necessity of such action should be weighed against the probability of tuming off the gas in commercial or industrial areas which may seriously interrupt important production processes and possibly create further hazards.
Inform us immediately if the safety officer turns off the main outlet valve
Gas Leak Outside Your Business Premise
What you should do, in case of gas leak outside a building
- Evacuate the danger area and barricade or rope off the area
- Prevent ignition: extinguish all open flames
- Close upstream and downstream valves to stop gas flow to the affected area. However, DO NOT operate    any of gas valves within the vicinity. Turning the wrong valve may create another emergency and further   endanger life I property.
- Check for gas accumulation in nearby buildings and sewers.
- Burning gas will normally explode. However, if the gas source is underground, DO NOT assumes that all   gas leaks is being consumed by the fire. Gas detection instruments are required to check in, under and   around surrounding buildings for presence of gas.
- Spray water mist on any surrounding combust
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